Group Counseling

Group therapy is a unique opportunity to meet with other people (6 to 8 people) with similar concerns guided by one or two therapists. Through this process you will be able to share, give and receive guidance and support from others, and work out your own challenges.

Available Counseling Groups

GIRL TALK: Young Women’s Empowerment Group 


This group is designed to focus on healthy ways of expression, developing problem-solving and communication, learning ways to cope with feelings, and developing one’s self-esteem


GOOD ENOUGH: Women’s Empowerment Group

This group is designed to focus on establishing and/or regaining trust in one’s own voice and strength through developing their own identify, boundary-setting, assertive communication, and understanding and recognizing healthy and unhealthy relationships.


GOOD GRIEF: Grief Support Group


This group is designed to help individuals and families learn healthy ways to express themselves and cope with their feelings of bereavement as well as develop a support system.


BOYS ‘R US: ADHD Boys Group

 This group is designed to help young boys learn and practice age-appropriate social skills, manage their impulses, and increase their self-confidence.



This group is designed to help couples create a deeper level of connection, build communication, and improve their relationship through exercises and trust-building activities.



This group is designed to focus on accepting and expressing overwhelming feelings, empowering youth to develop healthy coping skills, and developing a positive self-image.


It is the hope of Walk of Life Wellness Center that you will not only be able to meet your own personal goals through this experience but that you leave knowing you are not alone.


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