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Get Your Fear In Check!

Fear Defined: A threat to the feeling of balance. Often unpleasant. Sweaty Palms. Can't Breathe. Leaves you Speechless. Horrific. Dangerous.

Why do we wait until our fear is in check before we move forward? Our gut instinct tells us to take that leap (go back to school, get married, leave our job, have a child, buy a house, move out of the country, start that start-up, enroll in a class, try out a new style, etc) but we wait. We wait until this or that happens first. We wait for comfort. We wait for a sign. We wait for the validation of others. Instead of taking charge of our fear, we let it take charge of us. What if the wait is robbing us of the reward? What if not taking the leap robs us of the promise for a better future? I'm beginning to wonder if giving into our fears alters the plan life could and has to offer us. Just maybe if we stepped into our fear (even with baby steps), we would walk right towards the reward. How is your fear robbing your life?


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